church history

How Henley Baptist started…..


Baptist records show that in the 17th Century there were a group of Christians in Henley calling themselves Baptists.  They took part in forming a wider grouping of churches called “The Berkshire Baptist Association.”

However, the present church started with some local Christians who got together and rented the Assembly Rooms in Bell Street (now a warehouse). The Kings Road Baptist Church in Reading (now Abbey Baptist) encouraged them. In 1876 they formed a church of 21 members.

In December 1877 they had their first full time minister, the Rev.J.M.Hewson. By 1879 they had bought land and built the building the church still uses today.

The church's start, then, was with considerable faith and action.  Its history has been that of a small faithful group, never exceeding 100 until the 1980' s. At this time, the church renovated and changed the building to form the DaySpring Christian Centre and the church established home-based groups for its pastoral care and life together. 

In 2004, the church decided to renovate the old DaySpring Centre and rebrand it, taking on the name d:two.  This aims to be a multi-purpose seven-day-a-week centre for use by all the community, with state-of-the-art facilities, new offices and an attractive, accessible and safe environment for local groups and individuals.